Many years ago, Ishro and his followers established the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department to operate medical and biological experiment for NanoMonster’s community. The research that Ishro had conducted earned a great reputation at first.

But soon, some of the NanoMonsters discovered that Ishro and his researchers had brutally abused participants during the scientific experiment and all the unfortunate participants were from Nanotadps' community.

Although the scientific research significantly helped NanoMonsters’ community, the majority of NanoMonsters criticized Ishro. Some of the NanoMonsters argued that it was not moral to conduct experiments on Nanotadps no matter how it helps to advance the science. On the other hand, some agree that Ishro’s experiment was beneficial to NanoMonsters’ society as a whole.

In the end, the majority of NanoMonsters voted to end the research. The Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department was closed. However, Ishro did not give up his research nor his ideology. He and his followers created an ideology, Greatest Science Principle, and received support from notable NanoMonster scientists.

Soon, Ishro reopened Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department. He and his supporters become the major contributors in technology and science.

Now, Ishro wanted to eliminate all the opponents who against Greatest Science Principle. He created the Biochemical army and cloned Nanotadps to fight for him. The battle between justice and evil is inevitable...