Game Programming

IOS Testing


Bossing around


---by Longchang Cui 최룡창

Game Arts

Android Testing

UI design

Game Experience

Bossing around

--- by XiongLong Jin 김웅룡

The game is two men's enthusiastic work of art. Whether you like our game or not, we did our best. We were going to post our awkward photos for fun, but in the end, we decided to act like professionals. So if you are curious about the developers, well, I can't stop you from googling our name.

One of the game music, System Shock, was created by neocreystudios. Great thanks to neocreystudios!

Some of the visual effects were obtained from designers who upload their royalty-free assets to unity asset store and

Some of the music was purchased from melodyloops and royalty-free sound effects were obtained from

Without the artists' royalty-free assets, Xionlong and I wouldn't be able to create the great game experience. Thanks to all the artists who share their work!

--- by Longchang Cui